October 15, 2021 AGOV Community Voting Results

1 min readOct 26, 2021

First Agenda: 10 Lazy Leo’s Cheat Powers Revealed August 31, 2021



1. Lazy lazy Leo Forced Auction End Ability 0x09110091bA7664383771d703eb0E3e68e3AfF158

2. Drunken Lazy Leo Random Force Auction End Ability 0xAF88F7760D2060c9D8B23E0459fE93ecB3f55648

3. Ghost Lazy Leo Oversleep Guarantee Ability 0xaA2E2Bce4267F5F09542a6040fa83aFC85E97ee7

4. Rake Lazy Leo Banana Peel Throwing Ability 0xB4C92976b07D5B2A4a4739775ecB6ca3FCDE1821

Second agenda: Whether to swap old Bithumb Global Token after the swap application period has ended

Result: The swap is not processed because the prior notice swap period has passed.


In the future, through DAO governance token AGOV,

We plan to delegate various decisions related to token economy to holders and provide rewards.

We ask for your interest in the upgraded roadmap to be unveiled to the crypto industry during NFT.NYC period from November 1–4.

Any news that is not necessarily included in the roadmap will be announced when it is made public.

> AGOV Token Economy Roadmap Update

> ClubRare roadmap update

> Lazy Leo Club universe update




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.