Next Week, AGOV Holders Benefit Upgrade

Apr 17, 2021


Next week, the benefits of AGOV holders in Klay Swap will be upgraded.

Details will be released next week.

AGOV is airdropping KLAY when participating in AGOV-KLAY pair from April 15th.

It is always conducted and KLAY is automatically distributed to the connected wallet when participating.

In addition, KSP is distributed to AGOV-KLAY pair when the voting is achieved.

KLAY + KSP rewards are distributed to AGOV and KLAY holders.

We ask for your participation in voting through KSP, and we will upgrade additional benefits.

Subsequently, the world’s first NFT-based E-commerce platform will be launched in 2Q 2021.

Even on the platform, AGOV holders receive key benefits.


AGOV-KLAY Pair Liquidity Supply Method:

We recommend Kaikas wallet for PC and Dcent wallet for mobile.





AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.