Launched ClubRare

5 min readSep 8, 2021


Launched ClubRare

ClubRare has been released.

ClubRare is the world’s first physical item-based NFT e-commerce marketplace, offering rare items in a variety of hard-to-find categories as Redeemable NFTs. Through Redeem, successful bidders can receive real items or hold them on the blockchain to earn an increase in value. ClubRare auctions products prepared by itself and products of partners through Drop, and then expands to a verification-based global marketplace.

Upon launch, the auction will be linked in real time with OpenSea and global marketing including NFT.NYC preparation will begin.

  • Marketplace: Ability to sell or resell Redeemable NFTs
  • OpenSea link: NFT issued by ClubRare is automatically linked with OpenSea to maximize potential demand and transaction volume.
  • Global Marketing: Build a community dedicated to ClubRare and improve products and expand business to NFT.NYC.

After the release, the upgrade work in September will also be continuously updated.

  • Mobile web support
  • Klaytn network support and Kaikas wallet connection, and other wallets will be linked in the future.
  • AGOV payment support
  • AGOV token economy support
  • Support for Lazy Leo Club NFT linkage function
  • Multilingual support
  • Support social function

ClubRare regularly hosts premium auctions (ClubRare Drops), either from its own or an official partner. A verification-based marketplace for future platform expansion will also be opened, and successful NFTs can resell. The first NFT auction is Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller watch.

Name : Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller

in oystersteel and yellow gold with an intense white dial and an oyster bracelet

Keeping track of time across the world, THE SKY-DWELLER

An elegant watch for frequent travellers, the Sky-Dweller displays the time in two time zones simultaneously and has an annual calendar. The reference time, in 24-hour format, is shown via an off-centre disc, and the local time is read using conventional centre hands. The annual calendar, named Saros, automatically differentiates between 30- and 31-day months. It is operated by a patented mechanism and stands out for its innovative display: the months of the year are indicated in 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial, with the current month marked in red. The instantaneous date change is linked to the local time.

Model features

INTENSE WHITE DIAL — A STRIKING CHARACTERISTIC A fixed inverted red triangle on the dial points to the chosen reference time — the time at home or at the traveller’s usual workplace — on the off-centre 24-hour disc. At a glance, this 24-hour display clearly distinguishes daytime hours from night-time hours in the other time zone. The dials now feature rectangular index hour markers and longer hands, as well as a Chromalight display with long-lasting luminescence, which enhances legibility.

THE FLUTED BEZEL — A ROLEX SIGNATURE The Rolex fluted bezel is a mark of distinction. Today the fluted bezel is a mark of distinction, always in gold.

YELLOW ROLESOR — A MEETING OF TWO METALS Gold is coveted for its lustre and nobility. Steel reinforces strength and reliability. Together, they harmoniously combine the best of their properties. A true Rolex signature, Rolesor has featured on Rolex models since the early 1930s, and was trademarked as a name in 1933. It is one of the prominent pillars of the Oyster collection.

THE OYSTER BRACELET — ALCHEMY OF FORM AND FUNCTION The Sky-Dweller is fitted on a solid-link Oyster bracelet in Oystersteel, in the case of the white Rolesor version, or, for the yellow Rolesor version, an Oyster bracelet combining Oystersteel and 18 ct yellow gold.

DUAL TIME ZONE — SIMULTANEOUS DISPLAY The two time zones are displayed simultaneously. Local time is indicated by the conventional centre hour, minute and seconds hands. It can be set quickly and easily by means of a mechanism that allows the hour hand to be adjusted independently in one-hour increments both forwards and backwards.

THE CYCLOPS LENS — A MAGNIFYING LENS The Cyclops lens is one of the most distinctive Rolex features, and one of the most recognizable. Named after the one-eyed giant of Greek mythology, the Cyclops lens magnifies the watch’s emblematic date display two and a half times for easy reading.

9001 MOVEMENT — SUPERLATIVE PERFORMANCE The Sky-Dweller is equipped with calibre 9001, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Introduced in 2012, it is one of the most complex calibres ever created by Rolex watchmakers. Nonetheless, it is engineered to ensure simplicity of use.


MODEL CASE: Oyster, 42 mm, Oystersteel and yellow gold

OYSTER ARCHITECTURE: Monobloc middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown


MATERIAL: Yellow Rolesor — combination of Oystersteel and 18 ct yellow gold

BEZEL: Fluted, bidirectional rotatable Rolex Ring Command

WINNG CROWN: Screw-down, Twinlock double waterproofness system

CRYSTAL: Scratch-resistant sapphire, Cyclops lens over the date

WATER RESISTANCE: Waterproof to 100 metres / 330 feet


Movement: Perpetual, mechanical, self-winding, dual time zones, annual calendar

CALIBRE: 9001, Manufacture Rolex

PRECISION: 2/+2 sec/day, after casing

FUNCTIONS: Centre hour, minute and seconds hands. 24-hour display on off-centre disc. Second time zone. Instantaneous annual calendar at 3 o’clock and rapid-setting of the date. Month display via 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial. Stop-seconds for precise time setting

OSCILLATOR: Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring. High-performance Paraflex shock absorbers

WINDING: Bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor

POWER RESERVE : Approximately 72 hours


BRACELET: Oyster, flat three-piece links

BRACELET MATERIAL: Yellow Rolesor — combination of Oystersteel and 18 ct yellow gold

CLASP: Folding Oysterclasp with Easylink 5 mm comfort extension link


An elegant watch for travelers and businessmen , the Sky-Dweller displays the time in two time zones simultaneously and has an annual calendar. It is luxurious and practical at the same time. Especially, the model that we prepared at this time is the most popular because of the combination of white dial, steel, and yellow gold. Due to its popularity, it is not easy to get at the moment, so it is even more valuable. The condition of this watch is perfect for both gift and collection.


  • ClubRare starts an auction based on Ethereum (ETH).
  • Through ClubRare Drops, we conduct regular auctions with items secured by ourselves and items from partners.
  • We aim to become a global marketplace where sellers and collectors gather where NFTs of various and valuable Redeemable items based on verification are auctioned off.
  • From September, Klaytn wallet linkage and auction through AGOV will start.
  • AGOV is a blockchain DAO that is created together with the community, and is releasing a token economy with enhanced benefits for AGOV members.
  • As part of the token economy, we have unveiled 10 limited-edition NFT assets, Lazy Leo Club, LLC, also linked to DeFi, with more to come at a later date.
  • In November, we will participate as an official sponsor of NFT.NYC, the world’s largest NFT conference.
  • ClubRare aims to become an NFT marketplace that attracts global attention and expands the token economy with metaverse and DeFi through token economy.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.