KlaySwap AGOV-KLAY Pair AGOV Airdrop

KlaySwap AGOV-KLAY Pair AGOV Airdrop

AGOV will launch its own NFT marketplace ClubRare within August.

We are announcing the membership token economy, which provides benefits when holding AGOV in September.

AGOV-KLAY pair airdrop event is also ongoing.

August AGOV-KLAY Fair AGOV event airdrop announcement.

- Target: Participation in AGOV-KLAY pair

- Schedule: Start on August 14, 2021 block-based ~ Expected September 11th for about a month in block basis

- Rewards: 3,000,000 AGOV, KSP according to VKSP voting.

- AGOV-KLAY pair liquidity supply method: https://bit.ly/3e4fQ8M

- AGOV-KLAY pair: https://klayswap.com/app/pool/detail/0x5C6795E72c47D7FA2B0C7A6446D671Aa2e381D1e

AGOV maintains abundant liquidity and high APR in KlaySwap.

We will continue to update new services together with Klaytn and Ozys.



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AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.