Grand ClubRare LP Contest

2 min readNov 3, 2022



Ethereum Expansion Purpose

ClubRare has announced its plans to expand to the main blockchain platform Ethereum in the Q4 2022. We have successfully ended migration in the Q3 thanks to your support, and we are finally starting the Ethereum onboarding and building a global community.

ClubRare’s goal is to lead the new Web3 Commerce ecosystem based on the Phygital NFT technology together with the global partners, and its’ first step is the Grand ClubRare LP Contest along with different marketing activities.

Grand ClubRare LP Contest

  • Liquidity is being supplied to the AGOV, MPWR pair listed on the Uniswap v.3.
  • The more liquidity you add, the more LP NFT you get.
  • You can receive rewards from the overall 100,000 USD according to the amount of LP NFT.

How to Participate in the Grand ClubRare LP Contest

1. ClubRare social media following is recommended.




2. Submit your wETH address

3. Add AGOV/wETH or MPWR/wETH liquidity on Uniswap. The minimum requirement is 300 USD.

That’s it! The more liquidity you add, the greater your reward will be. Good luck!

The address will be reflected immediately after the wallet is submitted, but the identity of the dashboard may take about 10 minutes to reflect.

Grand ClubRare LP Contest Details

1. Period: Starting from the announcement on the November 1st ~ 18:00 November 30st, 2022 (UTC +0)

2. Pairs: AGOV/wETH, MPWR/wETH (You can pick one pair or two at the same time)

3. Rewards

Total of 100,000 USD

4. Contest

  • Top 1–10 liquidity providers get: 40,000 USD equivalent AGOV and MPWR tokens (4.000 USD to each wallet).
  • Top 11–60 liquidity providers get: 40,000 USD equivalent AGOV and MPWR tokens (800 USD to each wallet).
  • All liquidity providers starting from the 61 place get: 20,000 USD equivalent AGOV and MPWT tokens (guaranteed reward in proportion to the liquidity amount contributed).
  • Rewards will be paid based on the AGOV and MPWR closing price on the CoinMarketCap on October 31st.

5. Vesting

Tokens acquired as the contest rewards are intended to activate the Ethereum network, so all tokens are not immediately distributed. Therefore, 5% of the rewards will be sent immediately within 3 days after the end of the LP contest, and 5% of the rewards will be sent step by step every month during the following 19 months. This drives underlying growth and continuous liquidity within the Ethereum network.





AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.