2 min readJan 11, 2022

ClubRare Universe Open

ClubRare Universe Open

Club Rare Online and Governance Token AGOV, Utility Token MPWR, DeFi, Club Rare Metaverse Platform, and Lazy Leo Club’s main information are organized.

Now you can check major announcements, roadmaps, etc. at once in ClubRare Universe.

1.ClubRare Online: NFT marketplace (by AGOV token)

Physical NFT marketplace based on physical items.

2.AGOV: ClubRare Governance Token


It is a governance token of ClubRare Universe (ClubRare — Metaverse showcase — AGOV — MPWR — Lazy Leo — DeFi). It is a community-oriented Web3 DAO token that is the basis for all activities of ClubRare.

3.MPWR: ClubRare Utility Token


It is a utility token used for various activities such as exhibitions and guilds, especially in the metaverse showcase. It is designed to contribute to the increase in the governance value of AGOV, of which 9.9 billion of the total of 10 billion have been burned.

4.Lazy Leo Club: ClubRare NFT assets with Power

It is a symbol of ClubRare Universe and a gathering of lazy leos who provide opportunities to monetize through their powers in the NFT Marketplace and Metaverse Showcase. Mining through AGOV staking will also be released.

5.ClubRare DeFI (AGOV, MPWR, LLC)

As a web3 project, rewards are provided according to the community’s contribution to ClubRare Universe.

6.ClubRare Metaverse

A personalized metaverse showcase that is about to be released, NFT’s exhibition as well as various activities such as customization, guild and battle will be presented based on the Club Rare Token Economy.


AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.