ClubRare Universe Roadmap 2022

[ClubRare Universe]

ClubRare Universe is an ecosystem that ClubRare builds with our community members to create a collector-centered world.

Just as Web technology is being built on the philosophy of returning internet ownership to individuals, ClubRare is poised to change the future of distribution into a consumer-centered ecosystem. In other words, ClubRare will create a new type of commerce ecosystem in which collectors plays a pivotal role and the communities created according to their interests have the power and directly connect to brands . ClubRare will build the collector-driven ecosystem using Web3 and Metaverse technologies.

ClubRare Universe is our new Collector-Driven Commerce Ecosystem that we will create.

[Mission — A New World where Collectors become the Center as well as an Occupation]

ClubRare Universe is an ecosystem where collectors can communicate directly with each other, and collectors’ voices are reflected in real-time. Moreover, the collectors who have contributed to the system will be able to create economic value just by purchasing and promoting the products they like.

This ecosystem will create a world where brands listen closely to the voices of collectors to make products, give rewards to the loyal collectors who have supported their success from the beginning, and share the fruits of their success.

Through ClubRare Universe, a collector-centered world, ‘Collector’ will become an occupation in the future. ClubRare is a community collaborating with these collectors.

[Vision — Presenting a new distribution economy led by a decentralized global community]

ClubRare is an innovative project that aims to overcome the limitations of the existing centralized distribution and manufacturing system based on Web3 technology. ClubRare seeks to create a new collector-centered distribution economy, and ClubRare Universe is poised to transform the current distribution economy, which was difficult to innovate due to physical constraints or vested in the huge centralized capital. What will the next-generation Amazon, eBay, and StockX look like?

[ClubRare Universe Milestone]

ClubRare Universe will continue its efforts to vitalize the community and shape its own economic system by building various sub-products in layers that are linked to a single core brand called ‘ClubRare’.

1. ClubRare Online — Build a decentralized commerce ecosystem based on Physical NFTs (Global Beta version launch on April 2022)

2. ClubRare DeFi — Build a DeFi system to vitalize the economic system of the decentralized community (From 1Q 2022, continue to upgrade starting with the launch of staking function)

3. ClubRare Metaverse Showcase — Build a personalized ownership ecosystem (2022)

4. ClubRare Metaverse Guild — Build a consumer-centered community (2022–2023)

5. ClubRare Metaverse Quest — A world in which the collectors contributed to creating product value take a sufficient economic reward (2023)

6. Decentralization — Evolve into a decentralized community (2022–2025)

[ClubRare Universe Products]

A series of sub-products come together under the name of ‘ClubRare’ to complete the ClubRare Universe. Each sub-product encourages the active participation of the community and establishes a reward system for it. Through the economic scale created by the active participation of the community, ClubRare Universe’s economic system will continue to expand and evolve.

A variety of sub-products of ClubRare Universe are based on a global community accessible to anyone across the world regardless of their nationality or language. ‘ClubRare Metaverse,’ our own public blockchain platform, is a ‘cross-chain’ project that is not vested in a specific blockchain and runs on various blockchain environments. We are pursuing an ‘Open Metaverse’ project that builds an ecosystem by interconnecting our ClubRare Metaverse platform with external metaverse platforms. ClubRare Metaverse supports the ‘Open Metaverse’ philosophy that seeks to interconnect metaverse platforms under different purposes rather than a closed platform.

As a pioneering project related to Physical NFTs and the first mover in Open Metaverse, ClubRare will continue to carry out research, investments, and interactions on standardization and interoperability of the platforms.

ClubRare Online: Physical NFT marketplace A decentralized community-based trading platform in charge of Physical NFT issuance and trading

ClubRare Governance Token: AGOV A governance token that determines ClubRare Universe’s community policies, used for Physical NFT trading and provides DeFi function

ClubRare Utility Token: MPWR A utility token for ClubRare Metaverse, used for user rewards and metaverse digital goods purchases.

Lazy Leo Club: Community Club for ClubRare users A community club for core contributors and loyal users of ClubRare

ClubRare DeFi: Coming Soon

Starting with ClubRare Governance Token (AGOV) & ClubRare Utility Token (MPWR) staking function support in January 2022, the functions will continue to upgrade

ClubRare Metaverse: Coming Soon

Our own metaverse platform that connects to ClubRare Online. Closed Alpha Test begins within 4Q 2022

[2022 ClubRare Universe Product-Specific Roadmap]

Our roadmap will be updated according to the announcement of Secret Event and Secret Partnership, which cannot be disclosed at this moment. The secret schedules that are currently not updated on the roadmap can be disclosed to the public at the right time.

January, Q1 2022

• ClubRare DeFi

Governance Token (AGOV), Utility Token (MPWR) skating launch

• ClubRare Governance Token (AGOV)

Roadmap update

• ClubRare Utility Token (MPWR)

Roadmap update, 9.9 billion tokens burning, AGOV-KLAY community mining launched (completed)

• Lazy Leo Club

Roadmap update

February & March, Q1 2022

• ClubRare Universe

Brand integration and renewal for global expansion

• ClubRare Online

Start testing global partners for global launch

• ClubRare Governance Token (AGOV)

Launch of a bridge that can be swapped to other mainnets, 2nd mainnet expansion

• ClubRare Utility Token (MPWR)

Launch of a bridge that can be swapped to other mainnets, 2nd mainnet expansion

• ClubRare DeFi

Launch of an additional community mining following AGOV-KLAY and MPWR-KLAY

• Announcement of Secret Event

April, Q2 2022

• Global launch of ClubRare Online

Launch of a global marketplace

Launch of 1st ClubRare Node in North American market

[ClubRare Node is a decentralized offline-based space platform which provides custody, global logistics, and item authentication services. Starting with the 1st node launch, we will continue to secure ClubRare Node partners in North America and Asian markets, and eventually, across the globe.]

Q2 2022

• ClubRare Online

Improve mobile support

Launch of community mining through activities in ClubRare Online

• ClubRare Metaverse

Announcement of development status

• NFT.NYC 2022

Announcement of business plan

Official Sponsorship

• Announcement of Secret Partnership

Q3 2022

• ClubRare Online

Launch of Guild function

• ClubRare Metaverse

Announcement of development status and introduction of main system

• ClubRare Governance Token (AGOV)

3rd mainnet expansion

• ClubRare Utility Token (MPWR)

3rd mainnet expansion

Q4 2022

• ClubRare Metaverse

Start of Closed Alpha Test

• NFT.NYC in London 2022

Announcement of business plan

Official Sponsorship




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.

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AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.

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