ClubRare & The Sandbox, official partnership

3 min readNov 4, 2021

AGOV team believes that the metaverse will become a new society for the next generation.

We believe that individual uniqueness is respected and that we can create a society where we can live together the way we want.

In order to build a community for Collectors, AGOV is launching a platform that connects the real world and the metaverse through Physical NFT.

AGOV team supports the ‘Open Metaverse’ movement, which states that the metaverse will not be a single platform, but will be a connection of different unique metaverses.

We will create a metaverse that connects with our partner metaverses and create a decentralized, individual-centered metaverse platform.

AGOV team, which has expanded globally through participation in NFT.NYC conference, is now announcing new news and roadmaps for AGOV Metaverse World.

1. Metaverse Platform

Launch a dedicated metaverse platform for collectors and connect with ClubRare.

- Showcase — A mini metaverse space where users can display and decorate your own collections inside

- Guild — A community formed according to users favorite brands, artists, and trends. Guilds can create and operate their own spaces.

- ClubRare home — The existing ClubRare is reborn as a metaverse version and is connected to the existing web interface.

2. AGOV-Lazy Leo-ClubRare-ClubRare Metaverse-Centric Token Economy Connection Enhancement

- In AGOV metaverse world, various products interact, closely link, and synergize with each other, strengthening their power.

- AGOV (Governance Token) — Club Rare (Platform for Collectors based on Physical NFT) — AGOV DeFi — ClubRare Metaverse (Metaverse for Collectors) — Lazy Leo (Special NFT)

- AGOV Metaverse World, where 5 product groups will show off their individuality and create close synergy with each other. At the center of it is the token economy that will connect the community and the community. Token economy and worldview to be gradually strengthened. Please look forward to.

3. Official partnership with the first Metaverse Partner “The Sandbox”

We have signed an official partnership with The Sandbox, which has been established as the industry’s leading metaverse platform with investment from SoftBank Vision Fund.

Starting with a mutual collaboration that allows artists and brands to publish Physical NFTs through ClubRare and also connect them to The Sandbox metaverse, Club Rare in The Sandbox We decided to continue various collaborations, such as opening ClubRare shop and connecting to the The Sandbox marketplace.

The beginning of the open metaverse. Now ClubRare and The Sandbox are together.

Roadmap2021 4Q


- ClubRare ClubRare design renewal

- ClubRare public alpha v2: system speed improvement, auction structure improvement

- Open market place based on ClubRare verification

Lazy Leo

- Lazy Leo Auction Begins in ClubRare with AGOV Tokens


- AGOV DeFi: Launch of staking function, launch of liquidity compensation function


- Metaverse Partnership — The Sandbox

2022 1H ClubRare-centered token economy 1st completion


- Mobile support improvement

- Start AGOV mining through ClubRare activity (community based on community activity)

- Mainnet expansion (additional support for third-party platforms other than Ethereum and Klaytn)

- Guild function launch

Lazy Leo

- Start of application within ClubRare


- Expansion of AGOV token mainnet (expanding to cross-chain platform via bridge)

- Start mining Lazy Leo through AGOV DeFi

2022 2H ClubRare metaverse expansion

ClubRare metaverse

- Mini Metaverse v1 — Showcase function launched (Own your own showcase and show off to other users. You can also decorate your own showcase with your own style.)


- Reinforcement of metaverse connection (Web-based ClubRare works closely with the metaverse version)

- Brand partnership open (starts the connection between the guild community and the brand)

Lazy Leo

- Enhanced features and benefits exclusive to Lazy Leo


- Governance Function

- Enhancement DeFi Enhancement

Thank you.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.