ClubRare launching Notice

2 min readAug 26, 2021


ClubRare, a marketplace that auctions rare items based on NFTs, is preparing to launch in August.

ClubRare presents items of various categories that are difficult to find normally as Redeemable NFTs. A custody service is provided so that the actual product can be received at any time, and before Redeem, it can be freely resold at ClubRare, so that the successful bidder can gain as much asset value. Items necessary for service, custody, and delivery partners have already been secured to provide a fulfillment service.

AGOV is the governance of Clubrare DAO community and the world’s first physical-based NFT e-commerce project, that holders can participate in Clubrare auctions and receive token economy benefits.

Club Rare launching information

  • Presale of 2009 Limited Edition Hermes Shadow Birkin Bag on 30 July 2021
  • Presale ofRolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch on August 6, 2021
  • Presale of Chanel Large Classic Handbag on August 13, 2021
  • Presale of Hermes Rodeo Pegase Bag Charm Accessaries on 20 August 2021
  • We are aiming to release Clubrare on August 31, 2021.
  • At the same time, Clubrare start NFT auctions, and as a beta version, the first auction will be conducted with ETH as the pre-sale.
  • In September, Klaytn-based Kaikas wallet will be linked. Wallets continues to expand.
  • Clubrare will start the auction through AGOV in September.
  • Clubrare will release the enhanced AGOV token economy in September.

Clubrare service will be upgraded in earnest from September, starting with the beta service in August. We ask for your interest and participation in Klaytn wallet linkage, AGOV auction, enhanced token economy disclosure, and NFT area expansion.

Clubrare’s NFT auctions and sells NFTs directly from Clubrare and verified partners at the beginning of its launch. We plan to continue expanding into a full-fledged marketplace based on trusted verification. We will make it possible to meet a variety of rare items that are difficult to obtain normally.

As a blockchain-based DAO platform created together with the community, we plan to strengthen the benefits for AGOV members who make up the community and connect it with the metaverse world. We will continue to inform you of the latest news.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.