ClubRare Drops Auction on November 24th

3 min readNov 26, 2021

Announcing ClubRare Drops auction on November 24th.

The metaverse P2E model in Q4 2021 will also be launched in Q4 with EMPT tokens and AGOV staking. In 2022, the model will be launched in earnest with the launch of its own metaverse platform and mainnet expansion will proceed.

Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk Low PRO QS (Habibi)


NIKE SB Dunk Low Habibi collaborated with “Frame Skate,” a skate shop in Dubai representing Arabic culture.

The public has loved Nike’s exclusive sneaker collaborations with numerous skate shops across the globe. This time, we have Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi on our hands.

Frame Skate was founded in Dubai back in 2017, and the founder with South Korean background, Peter An, reflected various inspirations he got in Dubai to the product. The name of the product, “Habibi,” means “my love” in Arabic, represents a wish for love and harmony beyond nationalities, ethnicities, languages, and religions.

The product was splashed with four colorways inspired by the United Arab Emirates flag, a white base accented with red, green, and black. It also has Double Swoosh, designed with black leather and green corduroy.

The sneakers also have a unique Double Tongue design, which symbolizes gender equality and love. The white tongue on the front represents a man in traditional clothing, and the face of a falcon portrays courage. The black tongue on the back represents a woman in traditional dress, and the pearl means elegance.

The geometric arabesque pattern on the insole symbolizes Dubai’s oldest skating spot, Memorial Fountain. The design of the outsole was inspired by the deserts of the Middle East, and the shoelaces were inspired by a traditional headdress called Ghutra. This worth possessing sneaker collaboration boasts a stylish design and symbolic values, which is now extremely hard to get.


- MODEL: Nike SB Dunk Low PRO QS

- STYLE COD: CT 2550–600

- TYPE: Athletic



- SIZE: US 9 / UK 8 / EUR 42.5 / KR 270

- COMPONENT: Sneakers, Regular Box, Extra Shoelaces (White, Black, Houndstooth Pattern — Black)


Let me tell you about the condition of these sneakers. These are overall in great condition. It is almost like a new one without any traces of wearing which has been well stored. It can be said that the sneakers are in the best condition compared to other resell products.

The condition of this product confirmed during the inspection process is as follows:

- Outsole: Almost like a new one with no wear patterns

- Midsole: Without any discoloration and scratches

- Heel slip: Almost like a new one with no wear patterns

- Upper: Without any stains, scratches, and wrinkles

- Insole: Clean without the printed logo being peeled




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.