AGOV with Klay Swap Reward Program

1 min readMay 14, 2021


AGOV is in the process of distributing KSP according to the achievement of VKSP voting when depositing AGOV-KLAY pair.

KLAY and AGOV were additionally airdropped as an event to commemorate the transition to Klaytn.

Thank you very much for the participation of many AGOV holders in the rewards program.

In order to reward many participations, AGOV-KLAY pair Reward Program will be held from May to June as follows.

> Target: Participation in AGOV-KLAY pair deposit in Klay Swap

> Schedule: May 14, 2021, starting at around 4:00 PM block basis ~ block basis one month

> Reward: KLAY, AGOV, and KSP are distributed in real time. Distributed tokens can be transferred directly to a personal wallet.

1) 4,660 KLAY

2) 11,000,000 AGOV

3) KSP according to VKSP voting rate

We will also prepare additional rewards according to participation in AGOV-KLAY pair and KSP voting rate.

As an official partner of Kakao Klaytn, AGOV is actively participating in related services and will continue to collaborate in the future.

We are also actively participating in new programs in addition to airdrops with Ozys, Klay Swap service provider.


> AGOV-KLAY Pair Liquidity Supply Method:

> Official Community:




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.