AGOV Token Economy Release

3 min readSep 30, 2021

AGOV Token Economy

AGOV is a DAO token that provides an opportunity to participate in key decision-making as an NFT business governance token to settle Redeemable NFTs. Through AGOV, holders can participate in the auction of ClubRare’s limited edition items and enjoy various benefits. It presents an important opportunity.

Token Economy Policy Overview

Redeemable NFT is a new blockchain standard that trades real products in connection with NFT tokens.

Club Rare is a platform that builds a marketplace for limited edition rare items through Redeemable NFT, and Club Rare is a 100% Web3 based on AGOV tokens. It is a technology-based project.

Token Economy Policy Details

DeFi service

Clubrare exclusive auction

Exclusive offer from Lazy Leo Club


AGOV provides a monetization opportunity for AGOV holders through DeFi.

The reward is divided into two axes: AGOV single token staking reward and the liquidity supply reward provided when use DEX, such as Klay Swap.

The introduction will be carried out in Q4 after sufficiently reflecting internal and external circumstances such as regulations.

Including AGOV, KLAY and NFT assets such as LLC are also provided. We are also considering the payment of tokens of partners that form an alliance with AGOV. Offer a variety of action plans to enable holders to earn derivative returns.

AGOV will continue to develop new services by combining with various DeFi services that can be participated by AGOV.

ClubRare Marketplace with AGOV

ClubRare Drops: This is a regular auction space that showcases items directly presented by Clubrare partners or rare items through collaborations with partners. We continue to expand the participation of secured partners in addition to the already disclosed partners.

ClubRare Marketplace: The open, verified ClubRare marketplace will be launched in November 2021. The Marketplace is a section of ClubRare, where anyone who has been authenticated can validate rare items and put them up for sale or auction.

A certain amount of AGOV tokens are distributed to users who participate in ClubRare Marketplace as a reward for participation. It is a structure in which reward tokens are paid to encourage activities such as new product registration, purchase, and sale. AGOV token reward will start in Q4. It consists of a structure that requires additional AGOV tokens to fully enjoy various benefits and functions.

Lazy Leo is an NFT that has special benefits in various services other than Club Rare. Lazy Leo is preferentially auctioned through AGOV. Lazy Leo allows holders to exercise special functions in various services. In addition, special benefits are given to Lazy Leo holders in the online-offline-metaverse. In addition, Lazy Leo will continue to add opportunities to earn various profits by linking with DeFi. A method of synthesizing (crossing) Lazy Leo is also under consideration. We are also designing a token economy so that AGOVs are needed in these processes. In this regard, we will explain the 2nd token economy announcement.

Payment method: Holders can choose from AGOV, ETH and KLAY, and we plan to significantly strengthen additional features and benefits when using AGOV. ETH and KLAY are means to further target the global and Korean markets.

Lazy Leo Club with AGOV

Lazy Leo Club is an NFT asset that will be active in various services such as ClubRare as well as DeFi. LLCs also have special powers for LLC holders only (Community voting confirmed) and other bonuses that can be combined with token economy to give holders significant economic benefits.

LLC, which will be newly issued after the 1st sale, will start with an auction that can be participated with AGOV as announced, aiming to launch within October. It offers real bonuses that are earned through various powers.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.