nftAGOV, Sandbox (SAND)-led Metaverse ecosystem participation and NFT launch

2 min readMay 25, 2021


AGOV participates in Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem.

Sandbox (SAND) is a leader in the Metaverse NFT platform, and has recently signed a partnership with Naver Zepeto, which has 200 million users.

AGOV’s limited-edition real merchandise, premium collectibles, art and entertainment collaboration products, NFT, are sold at Lounge X’s store in Metaverse, led by Sandbox (SAND).

When purchasing NFT, real products linked to NFT tokens are delivered worldwide in connection with AGOV global full-filment platform.

AGOV expands NFT distribution channel to metaverse as well.

Commerce NFT AGOV, which sells limited-edition real products as NFTs, is in addition to its own platform scheduled to be released in the second quarter

The global NFT platform sandbox (SAND) also expands the NFT distribution channel to metaverse.

Along with the existing Kakao Klaytn NFT ecosystem, AGOV NFT ecosystem will be expanded to the metaverse.

AGOV NFT platform

-AGOV is the world’s first NFT-based e-commerce platform.

-We provide a limited-edition commerce market based on real goods, premium collectibles, and collaboration products based on art and entertainment.

-NFTs of existing B2C brand partners and new partners in the fashion, food, and living fields will be launched.

-When a limited edition product is purchased through NFT on AGOV platform, the distribution of the limited edition product market, which was previously only accessible through offline auctions once or twice a year, is It is expected that it will be possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without boundaries, accelerating transactions and rapidly driving the increase in the value of limited edition products.

AGOV token

-AGOV plans to evolve the platform operation into governance that goes on with its holders with a governance token.

-AGOV tokens are also used to purchase NFT goods within the platform.

-Purchased NFT products can be traded with tokens or received real products through Redeem.

The launch of AGOV’s own platform is also imminent in Q2.

-AGOV is the world’s first NFT-based e-commerce platform.

-We sell limited-edition real products-based commerce market, premium collectibles, and art and entertainment-based collaboration products through NFT with our already secured B2C brand partners in the fields of fashion, food, and living.

-Purchased NFT products can be traded with tokens or received real products through Redeem.

-Developed cross-chain technology. Users can pay with AGOV, KLAY and ETH. The order of payment is introduced sequentially.

AGOV is now participating in Sandbox (SAND) ecosystem and has greatly expanded its distribution channels with Metaverse.

Major future schedules, such as the launch of NFT platform and the announcement of new partnerships, will be announced in a separate notice.





AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.