AGOV Marketplace ClubRare released

3 min readJun 18, 2021

AGOV Marketplace ClubRare released

We open the market place of the world’s first NFT E-commerce project AGOV.


ClubRare is the world’s first commerce NFT platform that provides Luxury + Limited NFT. It is a high-end product market that goes back and forth between real offline and blockchain NFT.

It is a platform where you can enjoy both the offline space where you can directly observe the real thing and the NFT-based metaverse space.


Young and Rich. They are MZ generation who are familiar with blockchain and NFT, leading the Luxury + Limited (limited edition) market.

[Luxury + Limited NFT]

The best high-end products with NFTs. The ready product group is a Luxuy (Luxury) + Limited (Limited Edition) product that has only a rarity even within the brands of Hermes and IWC.

[Why ClubRare]

1. Non-fungible (non-fungible) guarantee Real luxury products containing the value of NFT Tokens are always released in offline stores to guarantee the value and trust between NFT Tokens and products. The offline store is opened in Seoul, Korea and provides Custody service until the real Redeem.

2. Maximization of asset value through 24-hour token-based trading NFT tokens are differentiated from the existing auction market where only irregular transactions are conducted mainly offline through 24-hour online trading. By providing frequent and fast transactions, it maximizes asset value and provides a desire to collect and generate profits.

3. Kakao Klaytn Official Partner ClubRare guarantees AGOV NFT.

[AGOV (AGOV) in ClubRare (Club Rare)]

1. AGOV is not just a payment method. Absolute benefits are provided when using AGOV. More details will be revealed soon.

2. A fee is incurred for each resell transaction through NFT. A portion of these fees are distributed irregularly to AGOV token holders.

3. Users can receive NFT as a physical product through the Redeem function. A fee is incurred upon receipt, which is attributed to AGOV and is distributed irregularly to token holders. The redemption function will start in the second half of 2021.

[First Auction- First Global Pre-Sales]

Before the official release of ClubRare, the first NFT will be released through Opensea. This is the first pre-sale on the global stage.

We will imprint ClubRare and AGOV through Opensea, which has the highest traffic among NFT markets worldwide. We will also work closely with Klaytn, who is already collaborating with Opensea.

[ClubRare release schedule]

The pre-sale and service launch, which were being prepared in June, have been slightly delayed for the following reasons. The global pre-sale will start in July 2021, and the official platform will be launched in August. Although we prepared for the second quarter, we believe that it is more strategically advantageous to change the schedule for the following reasons. We apologize t some changes to the Q2 schedule.

1. We are going to do additional development for a proper Showcase. The image shown in the current screenshot is an example. Products will be released sequentially.

2. Decided to undergo additional verification to comply with market regulations. So far we have confirmed that there are no problems, but we are verifying further.

3. We are preparing a business structure including offline. You can also meet Club Rare offline.

[ Business roadmap update ]

- July 2021 Global Pre-Sale with OpenSea & Klaytn

- Platform release in August 2021

- Announced enhanced token economy in September 2021

- Opened offline pop-up store in the second half of 2021

- Additional global expansion in 2022

[Vision after the release of ClubRare]

1. We have secured a partner company that operates a global logistics platform to target the global market. We plan to strengthen our global marketing as well.

2. We plan to provide a variety of services to satisfy everyone who participates in the Club Rare service, from offline experiences to experiences on the Metaverse.

1) If you proceed with redemption, we will provide a protocol service suitable for high-end products. To this end, we collaborate with professional medical partners. Redeem feature will start in the second half of 2021

2) In order to satisfy customers who are interested in the Limited Edition product group, we are also preparing to combine it with travel products such as luxury tours.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.