AGOV, Klaytn based 100% Conversion Notice

2 min readJun 1, 2021

1. To protect investors, we decided to delist AGOV in Bithumb Global and requested the exchange, and finally decided to delist.

- Bithumb Global Exchange is not protecting investors as in the case of media news. Accordingly, AGOV Foundation requested Bithumb Global to officially delist to protect investors.

- Withdrawal support is scheduled to start at 16:00 on Thursday, June 3rd.

- Deposits to Bithumb Global are no longer possible, and withdrawals are supported for 3 months.

2. Additional listing on Klaytn-based exchanges

- We will promptly proceed with listing on a Klaytn-based, centralized exchange that can protect the assets of AGOV holders.

- Even now, AGOV trading is possible through Klay Swap, and more than 90% of transactions are made here.


3. We have completed the foundation for full-fledged participation in NFT platform and Klaytn-based businesses.

- The separation into Ethereum and Klaytn was a major obstacle to the launch of the NFT platform and participation in Klaytn-based businesses.

- Now, only Klaytn-based AGOV will be operated, which will give more momentum to future business.

- AGOV platform, the sandbox-based metaverse AGOV NFT, Klay Wwap with Ozys, and additional business partnerships with Klaytn will now begin in earnest.

4. Airdrop for Bithumb global holders who convert to Klaytn

- To commemorate the 100% transition to the Klaytn ecosystem, we are proceeding with the airdrop promised to Bithumb Global -> Klaytn Swap applicants.

- Eligibility: Holders of Ethereum-based AGOV in Bithumb Global who submitted a swap application when withdraw

- Application period: From the time of Bithumb global withdrawal to June 18, 2021 at 23:59. Applications and swaps cannot be made after the application period.

- Application form:

- Airdrop: KLAY equivalent to 1% of the amount requested for swap

5. Withdrawal Notes

1) Bithumb Global Wallet (ERC-20) -> Transfer to ERC-20 personal wallet (meta mask, etc.). Exchange wallets are public wallets, so you must move them to your personal wallet.

- ERC-20 smart contract address: 0xc1ad269f10bf36d6972ee30827051b59d0d2456b

2) ERC-20 Personal Wallet -> Submit the application after transferring tokens to AGOV Foundation (

- Foundation’s ERC-20 wallet address: 0x3fbb160F4D141821E0052842590815C050419d96 (Send AGOV to that address.)

3) After reviewing the submitted, the foundation swaps ERC-20 to KCT and transfers it to KCT wallet submitted.

- Klaytn (KCT) wallets are available for Kaikas and D’cent wallets. KLIP wallets cannot be used.

- KCT smart contract address: 0x588c62ed9aa7367d7cd9c2a9aaac77e44fe8221b

4) ETC

- AGOV(KCT) can be used only after the swap through the application form after 16:00 on June 3

- If you tranfer ERC-20 based AGOV tokens in Bithumb Global are -> Klaytn (KCT) based, it is lost and cannot be recovered.

- It is not a direct transfer from Bithumb global exchange wallet to our foundation wallet. You must send it through your personal wallet address.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.