AGOV, Community Voting Information

4 min readOct 8, 2021


AGOV, Community Voting Information

AGOV is a decentralized autonomous organization project, and it aims for a structure in which AGOV token holders directly determine the main direction of the project and receive rewards for their participation. We are developing a structure that automatically delegates We will proceed with community voting on the agenda below as per the previous guidelines, so please refer to the schedule and contents.

[Voting Agenda]

First, 10 Lazy Leo cheats revealed on August 31, 2021

Second, whether or not to swap old Bithumb Global tokens after the swap application period has ended

[Announcement of voting agenda]

- October 8, 2021 (UTC+09:00)

[Time of snapshot to acquire voting rights]

- Unspecified time within October 12, 2021 (UTC+09:00)

[Announcement date of the wallet address corresponding to the voting item and the smart contract address of the voting token]

- October 14, 2021 (UTC+09:00)

[Voting date and time]

- One day on October 15, 2021 (UTC+09:00) (submissions after that will not be reflected in the voting)

[Voting participation reward payment date and time]

- within November 1, 2021

[How to participate in voting]

1. Check the voting agenda and participate in snapshots to acquire voting tokens
2. Send the voting token to the wallet address corresponding to the item you wish to vote (Things sent on a date other than the voting day are not reflected in the voting, and the wallet address corresponding to the voting item is announced the day before the voting day.)

[Participant in Voting]

- AGOV in Klay Swap — Holders of KLAY pool participants who have more than 100,000 AGOVs in the pool at the time of the snapshot on October 12 (UTC+09:00)
— Snapshots are scheduled to take place at an unspecified time within October 12, 2021 (UTC+09:00), so it is recommended to maintain a deposit for one day on October 12 to acquire voting tokens. If you do not have more than 100,000 AGOVs deposited at the time of the snapshot, you will not be eligible for Voting Tokens. (Example: 100,000 AGOV — 2,672 KLAY deposit in progress)

[Voting token distribution method]

- In the case of this vote, two voting tokens will be distributed as there are two voting items.
— Voting token participation distribution according to the participation of participants in voting (AGOV) — KLAY pool participation (If you do not have more than 100,000 AGOVs deposited at the time of the snapshot, you will not be eligible for Voting Tokens.)

[Voting Participation Reward]

- Quantity of AGOV equal to the amount of voting
— The amount of voting tokens that can be individually obtained is about 0.1% of the amount of AGOV being deposited at the time. (The combined quantity of two voting tokens)
— If you were depositing 100,000 AGOVs at the time of the snapshot, you can receive approximately 100 Voting tokens, and if you vote all 100 Voting tokens, you will receive 100 AGOVs as a reward.
— The amount of deposit in Klay Swap fluctuates in real time, so there may be a slight difference in the amount of tokens received from 0.1%.

First, 10 Lazy Leo cheats released on August 31, 2021

Lazy Leo Club is for lazy and cool lions. Uh-huh~ If you invade their territory just because you seem relaxed, you will be bitten immediately. Don’t try to comb their rakes for them. They are good lions who know how to brush their rakes. They don’t live regularly or forage every day, but once they go hunting, the world fears them. On the outside, it seems like he doesn’t really care, so someone may make a mistake by not knowing Lazy Leo, but he soon gets confused. In fact, they have their own cool ideas and a tremendous amount of power.

Second, related to old Bithumb Global Tokens Swap when the swap application period has ended

- This agenda is a voting on whether to deal with the non-swap volume among Bithumb Global (BG) remaining volumes during the last ERC-20 -> KCT swap process.
- In the past, the Bithumb Global exchange’s operation method puts the assets of holders at risk and has an extremely negative impact on AGOV project, so we requested delisting first. Bithumb Global behaved very unconventionally in this process and was consistent with a very uncooperative attitude, so it was only able to issue a notice about delisting. In the end, inevitably, notice of swap contents was repeatedly notified through major channels such as community, community bulletin board, and Xangle, which are all channels except for Bithumb Global, and it was also notified in advance during UniSwap swap process. Therefore, it was determined that recognition through subsequent announcements would be sufficient.
- Since then, after the Bithumb Global swap period has elapsed, there has been a situation where there have been requests from holders who request swaps intermittently. As a DAO project, we want to make decisions through community voting.
- After withdrawal from Bithumb Global, whether the remaining amount of non-swap requests received after the swap support period has passed will be treated as a swap, or without swapping this amount, in the future, the AGOV DeFi program, etc. We would like to vote on whether it will be used as a financial resource to activate the token economy.
-In the future, AGOV will continue to advance the automation system under development as a DAO that decides major issues through community voting.

Vote 1) Swap will not be processed because the swap period has passed. Vote 2) Even if the swap period has passed, the swap must be supported.

If you choose between 1) and 2), we would appreciate it.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.