AGOV Community Voting Guide

2 min readSep 24, 2021


AGOV Community Voting Guide

AGOV is a DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) project, and it is aiming for a structure in which AGOV token holders directly determine the direction of the project and receive rewards for their participation. We are developing a structure that automatically delegates rewards.

As the development progresses, the details of the development will be announced separately, and the community voting will proceed according to the existing guidelines, so please refer to the schedule and contents.

[Voting Agenda]

- 10 Lazy Leo cheats revealed on August 31, 2021

- Regarding (Old) Bithumb Global Token Swap whose swap application period has ended

[Date and time of announcement of voting agenda]

- September 30, 2021 (UTC+09:00)

[Time of snapshot to obtain voting rights]

- Unspecified time within October 1, 2021 (UTC+09:00)

[Wallet address corresponding to voting and Smart Contract Address announcement date of voting token]

- October 5, 2021 (UTC+09:00)

[Voting date and time]

- One day on October 6, 2021 (UTC+09:00)

[Date and time of voting participation reward distribution]

- within 25 October 2021

[How to participate in voting]

1. Check the voting agenda and participate in snapshots to acquire voting tokens

2. Send voting tokens to the wallet address corresponding to the item you wish to vote on (Tokens sent after the voting date will not be reflected in the voting, and the wallet address corresponding to the voting item will be announced the day before the voting date.)

[Participant in voting]

- Among the participants in the AGOV-KLAY pool in KLAYSWAP, at the time of the snapshot on October 1st (based on UTC+09:00), holders depositing more than 100,000 AGOV in the pool

Since the snapshot will be held at an unspecified time within October 1, 2021 (UTC+09:00), we recommend that you keep your deposit for one day on October 1 to acquire voting tokens. If you do not have more than 100,000 AGOV deposited at the time of the snapshot, you will not be eligible for voting tokens. (Example: 100,000AGOV-2,672KLAY deposit proceeded)

[Voting Token Distribution Method]

- In the case of this vote, two voting tokens will be distributed because it is a vote for two items.

- Distribution of voting token participation according to AGOV-KLAY pool participation of voting participants

[Voting Participation Reward]

- AGOV is paid as much as the number of votes exercised

- The number of voting tokens that can be obtained individually is about 0.1% of the amount of AGOV being deposited at the time. (The combined quantity of 2 voting tokens)

- If you were depositing 100,000 AGOV at the time of the snapshot, you can receive approximately 100 voting tokens, and 100 AGOV will be rewarded when all 100 voting tokens are voted.

- The amount of deposit in KLAYSWAP fluctuates in real time, so the amount of tokens received may be slightly different from 0.1%.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.