AGOV, ClubRare Auction Launched

3 min readSep 30, 2021


AGOV, ClubRare Auction Launched

AGOV provides an opportunity to participate in the rare item auction of ClubRare NFT Marketplace, where can exclusively meet a variety of rare items that are difficult to obtain.

DAO governance that can participate in major decision-making in AGOV token economy. It is also connected to DeFi, providing significant opportunities to generate revenue, such as mining Lazy Leo Club NFT with special powers.

How to participate in AGOV auction

Connect to Klaytn network through Kaikas wallet on your PC. The wallet plans to continue to expand.

After selecting an NFT to participate in the auction, bid by AGOV.

AGOV Auction Items

Name : Hermès Kelly bag 25 Sellier Black Epsom Leather With Gold Hardware

In the 1930s, Robert Dumas, son-in-law of Émile Hermès, whom he succeeded at the head of Hermès, created the women’s bag with straps. As a result he brought the Hermes into the era of boldness and modernism.

In the late 1950s, legend has it that Grace Kelly, a Hollywood star turned princess of Monaco, was photographed holding the bag over her stomach to conceal the early signs of her pregnancy. The bag shot to international fame and was renamed the Kelly.

Kelly bag with a beautiful structure which exudes an aura of grace. No matter which angle you look at this bag, you will see an impeccable and iconic structure. Epsom leather is a very popular embossed leather with a beautiful rigid and structured shape. This compressed type of leather holds true to its shape in all instances and is completely resilient to scratches and dirt even when used daily. Hermès now creates various styles of handbags, but the Kelly persists as the manufacturer’s best-seller.

COLOR: Black

BAG MEASURES: LENGTH 25cm (10") / TALL 19cm (7.5") / DEEP 9cm (3.5")

CONDITION: Kelly bags are known as difficult to acquire, always ‘sold out’ in stores. In particular, the Kelly 25 Sellier Black Epsom with Gold Hardware is the most popular model. Suited for all occasions, versatile with any style of clothes, and has a timeless classic design. It will be loved by everyone eternally. As for the condition of this bag, it is maintaining its best condition. It’s in perfect condition as a gift or as a collection. Includes dust bag, rain cover, box, the same as original set.


AGOV auction is the starting point of the token economy, and we regularly offer rare item NFT auctions that can only be participated by AGOV.

NFTs that have been successfully bid can be reselled on the blockchain at any time, and real items are stored safely at offline and can be received at any time by redeem.

ClubRare Drops mainly deals with rare items that are difficult to access even offline. Participation can get an opportunity to make money by holding Hermes and Rolex in the online Metaverse as well as the offline real thing.

ClubRare discloses a trusted and public NFT Marketplace where only verified items can be registered. Sellers, collectors and resellers participate in ClubRare based on AGOV.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.