AGOV 4th Pre-Sale: Hermes Rodeo Pegase Bag Charm

AGOV 4th Pre-Sale Announcement

On August 20 (Friday), AGOV is hosting the third Pre-Sale.

  • The 2009 limited edition Hermes Shadow Birkin Bag, which had its first pre-sale on July 30th, was sold at 15.855 Ethereum.
  • On August 6th, the second item, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, was sold at 7.2352 Ethereum.
  • On August 13th, the third item, CHANEL LARGE CLASSIC HANDBAG, was sold at 2.55 Ethereum.

This is the fourth pre-sale item.

Hermes Rodeo Pegase Bag Charm Milo lambskin and Swift calfskin 2 Colors: Green and Lemon

Rodeo Pegase Charm is a rare item with wings that is a very hot topic among Hermes manias as an ultra-limited model among Hermes accessories.

Created using the glovemaker’s expert craftsmanship, this bag accessory in Milo lambskin and Swift calfskin evokes the equestrian world beloved by Hermès. The horse motif is an allusion to Hermes roots, as Hermes first started as a French brand manufacturing leather harnesses for horses. Whether a colorful horse or winged Pegasus, it combines soft leather with contrasting colors between the saddle, wings, mane and tail. All that’s left to do is to tie it around a bag handle to add a touch of fantasy to everyday life, and imagine yourself riding towards new horizons.




#004 Color combination : Menthe / Sesame / Blue brume

#005 Color combination: Jaune bourgeois / Bleu Brume / Nata

Material: Milo lambskin, Swift calfskin

BAG MEASURES: L 9.7 x H 7.8 x D 1 cm

Presale link:

The auction will be held for 72 hours on Friday, August 20th (Friday) at 2pm according to Opensea policy. The start of the auction may have a slight time lag depending on the Ethereum transaction.

Product Details:


Terms of Use:

ClubRare will be released in August and auction through AGOV will also start. ClubRare offers valuable items in a variety of categories, including limited edition items. ClubRare is preparing items with various brands and prices suitable for each strategic target. In September, we will disclose the benefits of AGOV membership to provide practical benefits. Meet various valuable items that were difficult to access through ClubRare.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.

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AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.

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