AGOV 2Q business Report

2 min readMay 7, 2021

AGOV 2Q business Report

AGOV is the world’s first NFT-based E-commerce platform that connects real products to the digital economy.

As the planned roadmap is ahead, the NFT platform will be released in 2Q 2021.

1. Development Status and Update Issues

The success of AGOV is key to securing and active trading of NFT assets.

1) Securing NFT assets: We have secured a number of NFT assets from existing and newly acquired partners in the fashion, living, and food sectors.

Can purchase and trade consumer-friendly products with tokens, and then receive real products through Redeem.

2) Active trading: We are developing the NFT platform as a cross-chain to increase trading accessibility.

We are currently developing an architecture extension to add Klaytn to Ethereum-based work.

3) Trading tokens of NFT assets: AGOV, KLAY, ETH. Payment is introduced sequentially for each token.

With this, AGOV will be the world’s first commerce NFT platform to support cross-chain.

In other words, it is a platform that supports Ethereum and Klaytn at the same time.

2. Klaytn & Ozys, Klay Swap Reward Program Strengthening

Currently, Klay Swap AGOV-KLAY pair is operating the following monthly reward programs.

1) 4,660 KLAY 2) 11,000,0000 AGOV 3) KSP according to VKSP voting.


AGOV-KLAY Pair Liquidity Supply Method:

2) We will release the June reward program until May 14th.

We are actively collaborating with Ozys, and we ask for your participation in KSP voting.

3. Positioning of the AGOV platform

1) E-commerce NFT: Through the NFT tokenization of real products, real products can be activated as much as possible without inefficiencies caused by temporal and spatial constraints or differences between countries and regulations.

2) Fast market price formation through fast transactions: AGOV introduces Token First and Deliver Later forms to enable real products to be traded quickly in the digital world, and those who want to own the products can also own them. Based on token trading, asset products can break out of their physical limits, quickly form a price according to the supply and demand of the market, and secure a wider fan base.

3) User-friendly Kakao Klaytn-based NFT: As Klaytn partner, you can easily reach users by linking with various Kakao-based services that have already been popularized.




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.