AGOV & KlayFi Lab, Official Partnership

The governance project AGOV, which operates the NFT marketplace ClubRare, has signed a partnership with KlayFi Lab, a global DeFi service development company, for DeFi service cooperation.


- KlayFi is a DeFi platform representing Klaytn.

- Provide a Yield Optimizer service that optimizes interest income.

- Assets deposited in KlayFi exceed KRW 300 billion, and it is the fastest growing DeFi service in Klaytn ecosystem.

- Through this partnership, KlaySwap’s KLAY-AGOV and AGOV-HINT pools will be supported by KlayFi.

- If a user who owns the asset uses KlayFi service, higher interest income can be expected from existing KlaySwap.

- Starting with this DeFi collaboration, we will continue to provide various collaboration services.



MPWR, the utility token of the ClubRare Metaverse platform, went public on KLAYswap.

As of today, December 9th, MPWR will be offered as a reward for MPWR-KLAY Liquidity Supply.

MPWR is a utility token commonly used at ClubRare Metaverse.

Among the allocations for the first MPWR Liquidity Mining, we will offer some from Liquidity Mining, which belongs to Community Mining.

The value of MPWR will be formed through Community Mining, and to fully activate the ClubRare Metaverse platform after the launch in 2022, the value of AGOV and MPWR will be continuously formed by utilizing Activity Mining allocations.

After the token’s value is determined, various community mining will be started, including AGOV-KLAY liquidity supply and AGOV-KLAY staking.

Contract Address: 0xad27ace6f0f6cef2c192a3c8f0f3fa2611154eb3

Klaytn Scope:




AGOV, ClubRare Governance Token is the foundation of the economic system of ClubRare Universe.